Dog Meme Coins

So you missed the boat getting rich on all those crappy dog coins.. Your wife’s friend made $15K off DOGE because she thought it was cute.. It paid for her honeymoon and then some… YOU on the other hand were having euphoric crypto orgasms at the peak of the bull market and failed to shave a penny to fix the backyard that your wife has been complaining about. Now you’re down -60%, -85%, -123%. Your wife doesn’t respect your analysis on the market, the halvening, the fall of fiat, or whatever the hell you’ve been ranting about. Her friend still traverses in luxury off that DOGE pump, and you’re stuck with a backyard that looks like a bomb went off!.. Beloved; Grab some $SNOOCH, dialogue using that word “snooch” as part of your lexicon, give thanks to the Great Snooch for his current and future blessings, and give your wife what’s coming to her once and for all when the tide comes in… I mean like, in a crypto value kinda way.. Like.. Do something nice for her…

So what is this whole Snooch thing?

The word “snooch” is originally inspired by a Schnauzer named “Smokey” with his long but bearded snout (his snouch), ending with a cold wet nose (his snooch). Revered in Western culture, it is said that if the cold snooch touches you, that part of your body may live for years, decades, even potentially centuries longer than it would have if it had not been “snooched”. In respect, we simply refer to Smokey as “The Snooch”, among other blessed titles. As you can imagine, his power must be protected and his sexy maintained at much cost. So, we manifested the Snooch Coin to spread awareness of the Blessed Snooch, secure him a healthy long life, and have him groomed by the finest groomers that have ever groomed.

For an exhaustive lexicon, code of ethics, and general snooch lore; be on the lookout for the first edition of the “Book of Snooch” coming to you soon once written!